Outdoor Education

Amit Arora

Leave No Trace™

Leave No Trace™Steps for disposing your waste properly Leave No Trace Principles Plan ahead and prepare Travel and camp on durable surfaces Dispose of waste properly Leave what you find Minimize campfire impact Respect wildlife Be considerate of other visitors As trekking is gaining popularity in India, #hikers are flooding […]

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EpiPen® Auto InjectorCommon mistakes you should avoid Anaphylaxis is a severe systemic allergic reaction that causes the bronchi (in the respiratory system) to constrict and blood vessels to dilate. This is a two fold assault to crucial body systems, namely the Respiratory and Circulatory systems. When a person experiences anaphylaxis […]

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Do you know enough about STROKE?

How STROKE can be deadly Updated on 26 July 2020   Our brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients. Disrupted supply of oxygen rich blood can lead to irreversible damage to the brain leading to complications called a stroke. Stroke is the second leading cause of deaths worldwide […]

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Know Diabetes

Know diabetes Worldwide, diabetes is the leading cause of deaths. Patients with Diabetes Mellitus are susceptible to further complications. These complications can range from delayed wound healing to organ failure.   A chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas can not produce sufficient amounts of insulin or when the insulin […]

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Insulin, Why is it important? Our body needs constant energy to maintain its basic functioning like breathing, temperature regulation, physical exercise among others. Carbohydrate, proteins and fats are the three major food sources for our body cells, carbohydrate being the primary source among the three. Carbohydrates are complex sugar which […]

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Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness Medicine   A MUST have skill for the adventurous soul   During an emergency we may not remember the number to call for help. Especially in a country as big as India, where emergency response teams even in metropolitans are scarce. The knowledge of basic first aid  can really […]

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